Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seal #5: GOD defined, Speed & Power of (GOD/FOD's) Thought Theory (similar to Quantum Entanglement)

Quantum entanglement transmits information faster-than-light;
†hough† can be superluminal and defy strict linear †ime.

Dark energy74, gamma rays, quasars, antimatter, negative energy, helium 3, etc. aren’t the most energetic things in the ui, God/Fod’s thought is.

Y h w/ h64?

thought = h2

new thought = t²h2up

G7OD4/F6OD4 = †he33 1 Mind40 = universal quantum computer = 12t hi ui pi

(universes [u}, infinite [i}, hydrogen [h], speed of light [c], time [t], pain & pleasure [p])

This is somewhat how Seal #5 appears on the cover of There Are No Coincidences - there is synchronism, which is the "book/scroll" prophesied in The Revelation 5:1-10:10.

“You must remember that nothing happens quite by chance.” – Jonas Salk on his ‘accidental’ discovery of the polio vaccine

♫“A connecting principle…causally connectible…effect without a cause, subatomic laws, scientific pause”♫ - Synchronicity I by Sting & The Police

coincidence: a striking occurence of two or more events at one time by mere chance. (According to chaos theory, there is no ‘mere chance’.)

synchronism: the simultaneous occurrence of ‘casually unrelated’ events and the belief that the simultaneity has meaning beyond mere coincidence – nonlocality.

synchronicity: (Carl Jung) significant, coincidental events which seem to violate the classical laws of cause-and-effect.

serendipity: an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. Good fortune; luck.

intuition: immediate truth recognition.

"Synchronicities give us a glimpse beyond our conventional notions of time and causality into the immense patterns of nature, the underlying dance which connects all things and the mirror which is suspended between inner & outer universes...it becomes possible to begin construction of a bridge that spans the worlds of mind & matter, physics & psyche.” “Synchronicity has something to say to both the artist & the scientist.” “Clearly if the scientific and analytic approach to nature could be integrated with the more holistic, pattern-seeking, and meaning-valued aspects of synchronicity, then a creative energy would be possible.” "The underlying reality out of which mind and matter emerge is a multidimensional ground with its own particular and highly subtle orders. The 'meaning' of a synchronicity and the pattern of its internal and external events would therefore be a manifestation of this underlying order."- Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind by F. David Peat

Everything in this 13.75 billion-year-old universe is interconnected, some things more closely than others. For there to be one system – a ‘One God system’ - information must be conveyed instantaneously (or faster) over the great span of space. According to Einstein’s theory of special relativity, anything that has mass can not travel faster-than-light (299,792 kilometers per second/186,282 mps). But massless torsion waves and massless tachyons are theoretically superluminal. Wormholes theoretically bend spacetime.

In 1935, Einstein sarcastically referred to quantum entanglement as "spooky action at a distance". Experiments have since proven that the information that is shared between two particles that interact and then separate (even over long distances), in fact, travels superluminally. In 2011, it was proven that massless neutrinos travel slightly faster-than-light.

Thought is also massless and can travel much faster-than-light! Thought can be faster than simultaneous. In other words, thought - especially God's thought - can travel back in time, which is allowed under relativity. God is not breaking any of His laws of nature.*

"From the DNA of our bodies to the atoms of everything else, things in nature appear to share information more rapidly than Albert Einstein predicted anything could ever travel - faster than the speed of light. In some experiments, data has even arrived at its destination before it's left its place of origin!" - The Divine Matrix

On the US Apollo and Soviet Luna missions, soil and rocks were brought back from the Moon and found to contain Helium 3 - the most powerful element known! A NASA scientist said, “Helium 3 is so energetic that one small room full of it could supply all of Earth’s energy needs for 250 years.” Matter-antimatter contact (laboratory created) is even more energetic! Negative energy and quasars are incredibly powerful, yet, God's thought can be much more energetic than helium 3, quasars, antimatter, or negative energy! Hydrogen is by far, the most common element. ~74% of this universe’s elemental mass is hydrogen (see plan-i† †heory). We are making a move to hydrogen cars and hydrogen powered spaceplanes. Thought is prevalent in both the ‘Mind of God’ (The Conglomerate of universes) and in the minds of all living things. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and all forms of energy possess thought. This universe behaves as a quantum computer where particles not only collide, they compute. Information can be created, but not destroyed, although it can be transferred.

“Words without thoughts never to heaven go.” – Hamlet by William Shakespeare

“The sole remaining task for philosophy is the analysis of language." “To many people mathematics seems to be the very essence of purity and truth.” - Ludwig Wittgenstein

...... thought = tthh = t²h² = hydrogen2 x light² = h2c² (Y H W/ H?)

new thought = tt × hh × ‘ough’ (pain) “No pain, no gain.”

new thought = t²h2up (Wa thup?) = h2c²up (h2o has thought)

new thought = time² (Times Square) × hydrogen2 × you × pain/pleasure

†he33 1 Mind40 = G7od4 = universal quantum computer = 12t hi ui pi

(12 aspects of one-dimensional time, i = infinite)

Thoth was the Egyptian god of writing, astronomy, and mathematics.

12 is associated with time: 12 hours + 12 hours in a day, 12 lunar 'moonths' in a lunar year (354 days), 12 adjusted months74 in solar year, Chinese Zodiac’s 12 years.*

How can one know pleasure without knowing pain as a comparison? Sweet requires sour, it's as simple as black & white.

“Pain makes man think. Thinking makes man wise. Wisdom makes life endurable.” – John Patrick

“Every measure of pleasure in life must be purchased with an equal amount of pain.” – Star Trek: The Next Generation

From humankind’s perspective, the Sun, Earth, and Moon harbor a huge collection of hydrogen. Therefore, Father Sol, Mother Earth, and Aunt Luna possess an amazing amount of conscious thought!

Since the time of early humans, Sun, Earth, and Moon worship has ben present in seemingly every trible and culture. These 'gods' and others evolved/fused into, or were replaced by monotheism in most cultures (see Jesus’ & Mary of Magdala’s Birth Dates). In 1833, British astronomer John Herschel speculated that heat powered all forms of life on Earth. This was subsequently proven true. The Sun’s 17 million billion kilowatt-hour’s worth of heat every day powers all the plants, which in turn sustain the animals. Herschel ventured that solar heat breathed life into even inanimate phenomena such as weather by means of heated air and water and the currents that they produced. This has also been proven true. But is this just simple and haphazard heat energy that Earth receives and uses, or is there more to this star, planet, and moon relationship – a lot more?! Besides receiving immense amounts of heat and energy, Earth is receiving immense amounts of thought! Humans and other life forms are receiving this thought all the time. However, almost no one is aware of it (see Humankind’s Creation Theory). We are just beginning to develop our 7th sense: psychic/intuition, our 8th sense: telepathy and our 10th sense: imagination/ability to change the ‘matrix’ - co-create reality. These three senses are in everyone’s – every animal’s DNA! (see uRe Theory)

♫“When you wish upon a Star your dreams come true.”♫

music’s Sol (G) + Rā (D) = Sun (Latin) & Sun (Egyptian) = Sol’s rays (G,D) = God ... ♫"Rā – a drop of golden sun”♫

Humans have been communicating with/praying to God in many ways for thousands of years. Religions are based on the history of the interaction of God, humans and their leaders, and nature. There have never been any coincidences - all actions have taken place with thought. ‘Miraculous’ events such as The Flood, The Red Sea Parting, and the Great Washington DC Storm that occurred after the White House was set on fire by the British on Aug. 24, 1814 are primary examples of this interaction – this synchronism.

“The Hebrew mystics embodied this sacred name of God into the lore of Kaballa(7)40. The ‘ineffable name’ of God by which all the powers of the universe could be controlled. Further Kaballistic thought holds that the name YHWH contained all the Forces of Nature.” – website (see Hebrews 8:5)

YHWH(4)64 (Y25+H8+W23+H8) = Yehowah(7)70/85

YHWH - the Tetragrammaton - is the ‘unpronounceable’ Hebrew name for God. When vowels are added, it becomes Yehowah. (Ye how? Ah!) From this one ancient sacred name, we have plan-it theory of GOD=7_4 or FOD=6_4, CEe theory (God=8t5m), basic chemistry, and the speed and power of God's thought theory displayed!

♫“Know that God is always there and every thought becomes a prayer”♫

“All magic is an act of the imagination. Helpful, positive thoughts aimed at assisting others may bring helpful, positive results.” – The Wizardology Handbook

“Coincidence. Miracles. Divine Intervention. What many people consider once-in-a-lifetime occurrences are actually intuition. Organically, every person is intuitive, but the pressures of daily life and fixed identities interfere with the natural self.” – Gabrielle Roth

“And Jesus with a mighty thought…by the power of thought, had turned the water into wine, they were amazed; They said, ‘This man is more than man; he surely is the christed one who prophets…declared would come’.” – Aquarian Gospel 70:13-17

“Our minds are very powerful instruments…your mind can change conditions around you by thoughts and mental energy alone… Communication with Management (Universal Mind/God) is inherently very straight-forward. Unfortunately, mankind has a talent for making simple things complicated." – Learning The Psychic Shift by Wayne C. Irwin

“On a superficial level, the Purim story appears to be a series of natural events and fortuitous coincidences (1st word on p.74). When a person digs beneath the surface and studies the story in depth, he realizes that Divine providence was constantly guiding the events.” - Guidelines – Purim



6/6/97 Qur’an 6:6 t 2/3/12 21:20 "Egyptians 'gods' came from the stars... Egyptian pharoahs believed they were divine and descended from sky gods... Akenahtan begins monotheism with recognizing Ra as the One God... Is it a coincidence?" 22:43 "Can humans travel throgh time?" - History 2 Channel, Ancient Aliens - The Visitors (2010) 2/4/12 01:00 BBC World News shows Vatican covered in snow. 2/4/12 11:47 Prophecies of Iraq - H2